Volunteer Board of Directors

1-855-445-NLPS (6577)

CHAIR: Rick Crouch  chair@nlps.info  Ext. 102

VICE CHAIRMAN: Stephen Emo  vicechair@nlps.info

SECRETARY: Pat Anstett  lightkeeper@nlps.info  Ext. 103

TREASURER: Nancy Leno  treasurer@nlps.info



ENGINEER: Doug Hackbart

WINTERFEST CHAIR: Bill Patrick  Ext. 106

MESSAGES: Ext. 105

For all media inquiries please email: lightkeeper@nlps.info

The NLPS Board pictured here at the home of Ray & Wyn Smith for a fundraising BBQ Sept. 2016.
Pictured left to right:
Doug Hackbart, Gary Norman, Robert Square, Rick Crouch, Ray & Wyn Smith, Pat Anstett, Stephen Emo & Nancy Leno

The Board of Directors of the NLPS is seen here with Eha Kajak at the 2017 BBQ. Eha has made a generous donation in honour of her late husband, Rupert Bronsdon, developer and founder of Lighthouse Point and Rupert's Landing. The donation will be used for the restoration of the lantern room. Thank you Eha! Thanks also to Sherry Budovitch Rioux for the photo.