I recently took my first kayak voyage of 2015 to the lighthouse and then on to Collingwood Harbour. It was my first opportunity to see the results of our repair work on the lighthouse under taken recently.

After a window had departed the eastern side of the lighthouse a few years ago, a gaping hole was left exposing the interior of the lighthouse to the elements. Although the prevailing winds make the western face more likely to receive winds and rain, it’s really not good leaving the tower open on any side. Thus the project to close the opening and seal it off was undertaken.

With the blessing of the federal government, a professional contractor and a plan drawn up by our engineer, a frame was constructed and the opening was then filled in with plywood and the perimeter sealed. A hole in the glazing of the lantern room was also temporarily patched.

These repairs are definitely an excellent stopgap measure, however the lighthouse needs to be properly restored. Please support our fundraising efforts going forward and let’s keep this precious piece of our history intact.

Lighthouse repair

The eastern face showing the plywood patch to the window opening upper left.


The view to the east on a very warm May day with fog forming over the still chilly waters of Georgian Bay. Another proud piece of Collingwood history, the grain elevators seems to float eerily on a bank of fog.


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