• In 2004 a large section of the tower had deteriorated so badly that it has jeopardized the stability of the rest of the tower.
  • Jim Kilgour was instrumental in pushing government bodies to react to the urgency of repair needed for the lighthouse.
  • At a cost of $400,000 stabilization banding was installed

While the exterior damage is significant and taking action is imperative, The good news is that our engineer has inspected the interior of the lighthouse and found it to be basically structurally sound.

During the current fundraising phase, we have obtained permission from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to enter the structure and close up a hole left by the departure of one of the windows. This window fell out of the tower after masonry and stone beneath it crumbled. The closing up will keep the elements out of the interior providing us time to begin the fundraising and restoration project.

Current Condition