COLLECTOR’S EDITION Hardcover Book $99.00

Pat Anstett
May 9, 2018

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$19 from every sale goes toward the restoration of the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse

Pat Anstett
May 8, 2018

A portion of the proceeds of this concert will go to the NLPS!!

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Thank you to Collingwood Century Classics

Nottawasaga Mechanical Gives Back WINNER

Pat Anstett
April 9, 2018

Thank you to Nottawasaga Mechanical for giving back to the community.

NLPS was recently selected along with four other great local organizations to receive $1000.
Thank you to all who voted daily. Without your support in participation this would not have been possible!

Leishman Pottery/Christie’s Clothing

November 20, 2017

These beautiful pieces from Leishman Pottery are available now at Christie's Clothing for Men, Women & Children. They are a fine collaboration of talents. Leishmans produced the pieces using the design from Collingwood Web Design and Loose Goose Canada and Christie's co-ordinated the effort. Thanks to all involved. The NLPS will receive $$ from each sale.


Collingwood Whiskey

Pat Anstett
November 15, 2017

Once again Collingwood Whiskylicious was a tremendous success!

NLPS really appreciates all the time & team of people along with sponsors involved in making this happen !

A substantial sum of money was raised and donated to help with the restoration of our Lighthouse! Thank you!


The Huron Club – Thank You!

Pat Anstett
November 9, 2017

Thank You ! The Huron Club donated a portion of sales of Whiskey drinks & dishes during Collingwood Whiskylicious 🥃

A $500 cheque was presented to Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society.
Eat, Drink & save a local treasure !
#TheHuronClub #NottawasagaLighthousePreservationSociety

Annual General Meeting

Pat Anstett
September 29, 2017

Thanks to all those who attended our Annual General Meeting last week. Lots of positive feedback about our endeavours. Wonder what we'll have to report at AGM 2018? With sustained community support and hard work, the news should be good. To keep up to date, become a member.
Photo Credit: Nancy Shackell Newman


Pat Anstett
September 8, 2017

The Board of Directors of the NLPS is seen here with Eha Kajak who has made a generous donation in honour of her late husband, Rupert Bronsdon, developer and founder of Lighthouse Point and Rupert’s Landing. The donation will be used for the restoration of the lantern room. Thank you Eha! Thanks also to Sherry Budovitch Rioux for the photo. It was good seeing you both at our barbecue.